Confused as to origin of chrome DevonThink bookmarks and how to add them in Vivaldi


DevonThink 372 Catalina 10.15.7

Because of the many new features available, I am gradually converting from Chrome to Vivaldi.

In Chrome, I very often use the bookmarks below to add items to DevonThink. I can’t remember how I found / installed those bookmarks and am would like to know how to add them in Vivaldi (and even other browsers like Safari and Firefox)
thanks very much


I guess you have discovered them here: DEVONtechnologies | Handbooks and Extras (scroll down to bookmarklets).

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thank you. Unfortunately, nothing works in Vivaldi. I tried basically everything

OK, Vivaldi is a strange browser and I wonder why you want to use it. I just downloaded Vivaldi for the first time.

Well, adding the bookmarklets to the bookmark bar works fine and as expected. Do you have the bookmark bar enabled (go to settings > bookmarks > bookmark bar and tick the box for show bookmark bar)? Then drag the bookmarklet you want to add to this bar.

But when clicking on the bookmarklet nothing happens. I’ve found the solution here:

Very strange behaviour.


You are absolutely fantastic. You found the solution, and I am very happy, all thanks to you.

This was the solution

The only way I have successfully been able to create a bookmarklet is manually through the Bookmarks Manager > Add New Bookmark.

  1. Copy bookmarklet link address.
  2. In the Url input box of your empty bookmark, hit the spacebar once, THEN paste the bookmarklet right after. Vivaldi will auto-remove the space but leave the url alone.
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Strange bug but thanks for finding this fix. :slight_smile:

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