Confused by sync status UX


i genuinely don’t understand the sync status UX in dttg.
When i pull the folder structure down from the top, i see a spinner. am i correct in assuming the spinner has no meaning whatsoever?
sometimes the spinner stops, nothing happens and then the bottom cloud symbol starts updating. i have no clue what this means.
other times the cloud symbol is updating (i.e. filling up from the left to the right), until it is full. great. except then it starts from the left again immediately?!?

can someone please explain the sync status ux to me?

thank you

  • The spinner gives some indication about connecting to the sync location.

  • The sync icon shows sync progress, as it fills data is coming in or going out.

  • The two stages can be seen as a transactional stage - getting info about the files - and a commit stage where the files are downloaded.

so if i wait 10 seconds after the spinner is gone, and nothing else happens, i know the sync is done?
basically no single icon tells me if DTTG is syncing?

The sync icon in the bottom toolbar shows sync activity.

above you said it shows only sync activity in the sense of content downloads. so the sync part about status checks etc and whether it is up to date is the spinner? i often have syncs happening where the cloud is not showing any update despite it syncing (as shown by the spinner)

No, The spinner is indicative of contacting the sync location. The sync icon shows sync progress.


No problem