confusion with databases

After experimenting with DTP for several months using “indexing”, I’ve deleted my database files and decided to go with the “importing” method for the greater search functionality. I did that this morning but ran into a confusing snag when I also added an additional database (discovered I had three others previously created). First, I’ve found multiple database use confusing because there is no easy list in the menu of the databases created, only a list of those last used and “open database” asks for the location. Perhaps I just need to get a better handle on DTP concept of filing. Second, after I had been in the new “recipes” database for my wife, I looked in the file menu and reopened what I thought was my “general archive” of sermon files and writings but immediately noticed it was an older version named “regular archive.” When I did a search for “general archive dt.Base” nothing came up. When I rebooted and opened DTP my new “general archive dt.Base” did open up.

I’m in something of a fog right now. Where is my new database file? Do we have to place these in a particular location? Have I not been deleting these DTP files/ databases correctly? Do I need to place the actual .dtBase files (separate databases) in one place to know exactly where they are for easy opening? Any thoughts?

Nate, I usually store my DT Pro database files in my Documents directory, although you may store them anywhere you like in the Finder.

One idea would be to save your current databases in /Documents/Current DT Pro databases (a folder you’ve created for that purpose).

If you plan to discard a database, it’s not a bad idea to move it (while it’s not open in DT Pro) to a holding folder, e.g., /Documents/Unused DT Pro databases (a folder you’ve created for that purpose). When you are certain that you want to delete that unused database(s), drag to the Trash and empty the Trash.

Note that when you create a new database, you are asked to designate the location to which it’s to be saved. Also, if a database is open, select File > Database Properties. At the top of the Database Properties panel you can view the Finder location of the database file.

Bill thanks for your speedy and helpful reply. I’ve been searching through this forum trying to understand just what those files include. My current database (I went to database properties to locate it), “general archive” shows up in my highest level nested folder that I imported. It contains a series of files named "Devonthink-2.database, 3.database, etc. Is this series of 12 files the actual database that I have to move? My other databases are located and identified with the .dtBase files. Sorry about such an elementary question.

Nate, I’m not sure how you ended up with a database without the .dtBase file name suffix.

Try this.

Close the database. Now in the Finder select (don’t open) the folder. Press Command-I to open the Info panel. In Info, add “.dtBase” (without quotes) to the file name. Close Info.

Now your DT Pro database is properly set up as a package file. You can double-click the file to open DT Pro and launch this database.

Ok, before I do this, let me ask you about the folder. The folder where these “unpackaged” files are located also contains all my nested work folders. They’re all together, ten or so folders and then these DTP files all in a row. So, do I first round up these DTP files in a new folder and then name that folder via the finder?

I’m really excited about this database because after some months of light use and experimentation its now set up in a way that’s really producing great results.

Nate, you’ve got me puzzled.

Could you please take a screenshot of the DT Pro file and attach it to an email to Support? (In DT Pro, select Help > Support to initiate an email message.)