Congratulations to DEVONtechnologies...

On the release of DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.0 Final. It’s been a fun and interesting year and the 2.0 release is a fantastic product! I’m glad to be along for the ride. 8)

I agree wholeheartedly and look forward to using the “full” DT2 as well as future developments. After having moved away from DT a couple of years ago, I returned last year and have been very impressed. Congratualtions to all.

Yes, congratulations Devon Technologies! Great job. Congratulations and I wish you all a bright, long road ahead. :smiley:

Thanks for a year of hard work. It looks absolutely beautiful. I think a great adventure lies ahead in exploring all of the new features. But you just have to wonder how long it will be before someone complains about the yellow and black stripes disappearing from their copy…:wink:

Well I was about to, but by the time it occurred to me I was already done with my whining for the day :smiley:

I was going to say something about that, but I don’t want to be the first one. :wink:

Thanks guys, I’m off to read the release notes before I start asking obvious questions.


I want to add my congratulations re DT 2. It is working just fine, and it’s soooo good to get rid of the yellow bar.

Now looking forward to the iPhone/iPad app to be in total Mac sync Heaven :slight_smile:

Also keenly anticipating the Take Control book. I alway feel I have barely scraped the potential of DEVONthink Pro Office, and Joe Kissell’s book is bound to help.

The wait is over. I miss the gnarlyness of the construction stripes! But if you really want to impress me, make it a HUDish window. I will polish all your shoes if you do that. Less chrome and whiteness is always good.

Seriously, congrats, team. Your work means so much to many of those who don’t say much on the forum but depend on your work for many things in the real world.