connecting to proxy

is there such a thing as connection settings for DA? I connect to a proxy server for school access to online material with Firefox, but can’t find any such settings for DA. Am I missing where to look? If not, then it is a definite feature request :slight_smile:

Since version 2.0 DEVONagent uses the system-wide proxy settings of Mac OS X.

sorry to bring up an old thread…
I’m just curious why it was a good idea to ditch the software specific proxy, and instead use the system wide settings.
I’m thinking about buying Devon Agent, and it’s important that when I come across an commercially available article during my searches, I can directly access this at home using the proxy settings of my university. I’m not particularly comfortable with that all my internet traffic goes via this proxy, and would much preferred that the settings were specific to the software. Right now I use Opera for my study related searches, in addition to search Pubmed using the reference and bibliography software Bookends. Both programs are configured to go through the university proxy, while all other internet traffic is proceeding as “normal”.
What are the chances of bringing back proxy settings in DevonAgent? :slight_smile:


That’s currently unlikely but one never knows :wink:

May I kindly request an explanation for the removal of the proxy pane? I may belong in a minority (do I?) but I find this to be a prohibitive omission. What’s the rationale, I wonder?

I agree - this would be very helpful.

I have a Squid proxy running on my Mac OS X Snow Leopard machine without problems with any application, except for DA. I search for the term “internet” and DA only returns a couple of hits from When I turn off the system-wide proxy, DA works as advertised.

What protocols DA is using need to go through the proxy?


This isn’t an proxy issue, it’s caused by some outdated plugins of v2.3.1. In case you’re interested in a beta of v2.5, just send me an email.

Ditto. I’m also using a school proxy but only for article searches. I, too, like to not use it for non-research related things and it’s difficult to switch it on/off when it’s a system-wide setting.