"Connection to server timed out" should not require manual clearing of error message


I’m using Bonjour sync and it works beautifully… except for one minor annoyance:

When it syncs, it does so reliably, at great speed and to completion. But I quite often get the above error message “connection to server timed out”.

That, in itself, is not the problem. Rather, what I find suboptimal is that this error message needs to be manually cleared before the sync starts again.

What I’d suggest is that this error message and others such as “Server busy” should get treated differently than others. It makes sense to require clearing the message if e.g. database verification failed. But in this case, I think the sync should trigger again on its own.

Thanks for considering.

A sync - of any kind - should retry on its own within a few minutes if it runs into an issue inhibiting it’s operation.

How long did you leave it?

I just tested this one more time to be sure… After 10min of waiting and intermittently checking my iphone’s screen, the triangle icon remains and no sync has taken place.

What I typically do is: Clear the error message, close and reopen DTTG and then it will sync pretty much immediately. But as you said, ideally this shouldn’t be necessary.

How many devices are connecting to the Bonjour server?

Two devices, iPad and iPhone.


I followed up here as the issue persisted and I received frequent “connection to server lost” errors.

However, it appears that the cause was actually an app that uses a VPN configuration (which is distinct from a VPN). This doesn’t prevent DTTG sync but apparently disrupts it.

For now, with the app disabled, DTTG is syncing without issues.