I’ve been reading about the scripts for importing posts, but mine are mostly in connotea. If I link to the RSS feed that lets me load and see the lists, but it doesn’t integrate the comments, tags, or abstract of the article for use by DEVONthink’s analytic powers (at least not without entering them one by one). Is there another way of integrating this content-rich resource?

Thanks! - lw

You could try the script Scripts > Feeds > New Feed (HTML Pages)… and enter the location of the feed.

Thank you! - That works nicely for the most recent 10 items - so for keeping up to date on feeds that’s super. However, it looks like I’ll have to generate the feeds separately for each tag (I have 269!) - and then it only take in 10 of the sources for each feed. Is there a way to increase the number of posts it takes in?

Connotea will generate an export file of the entire library in RIS format. Can I import that?

Thanks! - lw

The script imports all items returned by the feed. Maybe there’s a way to specify more items in the feed’s URL?