Consider integration of markmap to DT

Given that Markdown is getting traction in DT and that many DT users also make use of mindmaps, I see in MarkMap an opportunity for the DT ecosystem: a “native” DT mindmapping solution.


First request of its kind but we might add this to a future release. Thanks!


Interesting :eyes:

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I am also rejoiced by the possibility of mermaid JS, yet …

  • have you found how to, in Mermaid mindmaps, create links?
  • It is yet another markup.

What I like in markmap is that the mindmap is an alternative representation of ANY markdown file.
I see a “topic index” (overview of the different/salient concept/sub-topics in a topic) as a very good usecase for such alternative representations.

Tools > Inspectors > Contents > Table of Contents shows the headings & subheadings too, maybe this could be already useful for you too.