Consider TAGS when using the Classify function

Can you guys consider including TAGS in the Classify function? If not, then how about a separate “Classify by Tags” function? While helpful, Classify is a pretty hit-or-miss thing. Using TAGS would be 100% accurate, assuming you tagged the item correctly.


How do you organize your groups? Sounds like they contain mixed (meaning not very similar) contents.

Yes I do have a considerable amount of data havoc in my system, admittedly. But, the main reason for this, ironically, is the Classify feature.

Why dont you just use smart groups to segregate data?

I still think See Also and Classify suggesting tags would be lovely. A previous relevant discussion:

This post is not about the AI suggesting tags. It’s about using tags to aid in classification.

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I want the automation.

What automation ?

The way I do thing is to scan in docs, assign a tag or tags to them as I go. Then, after a scan session, I’d like the files to be deposited into their various folders. For example I want all files that are associated with a particular hobby to wind up in that folder. The AI will never know what random file I consider to be related to this hobby or that one. Obviously I can use the tag instead of the folder structure to pull up a group of files. But I would like them to be in the folder structure as well. I hope that makes sense, it’s just the way I do things.

The AI will never know what random file I consider to be related to this hobby or that one.

Then this isn’t an AI request really.

I would suggest you look at smart rules. Here is a simple example that detects PDFs with a tag in a specific location and moves it to the appropriate group after OCR is done.

can I nest or 1 rule for each tag?

You’d need one rule per group you’re moving to.
Beyond that you’d be looking at scripting.

If u are used to tag your documents and want to use tags to facilitate your grouping, perhaps you should just use group tags. By using group tags, groups can be tagged to a document directly. U achieve both tagging and grouping in one step. But first you’ll need to disable “Exclude Groups from tagging” in your database properties.

Just suggesting a possible option. Check/read the manual or search in this forum. There should be quite a few info about the subject.

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