Considering upgrading and have some questions


I have been using DT Personal 2 for a few years for all of my capturing and reading of stuff that doesn’t require filing. For my filing I have been scanning using the ScanSnap S510M to a network drive, then going in with Leap and assigning tags.

I would love to get rid of Leap and just have DT Pro Office, and have multiple databases, etc. However, I have questions before I do this:

  1. Can I index from network drive?

  2. Can I start by indexing, then import later to that drive after I scan?

  3. Does ScanSnap S510m integrate? Is it one step scanning (ie, scan and then file)?

  4. Can I scan directly to the network drive?

  5. Can I move items from one database to another without having to export from one, close it, then open the other and import? I’m sure I have some receipts and other stuff that should be in the new “filing cabinet” database.

  6. Is there a trial version that I can download and use alongside my paid Personal version? or would it replace that version?

  7. If I choose not to upgrade, will my original database be hard to retract?



Do you want to import the indexed files later (can be achieved using the new “Move into database” command of v2.0.5) or do you want to add files to the network drive which should also be indexed (can be done using File > Synchronize)?


Not if you’re using the DEVONthink integration (see above).

Yes (via drag & drop and contextual/action menus).


DEVONthink Pro Office and Personal could be used concurrently but in case of bookmarklets or services Mac OS X might sometimes use Pro Office, sometimes Personal.

Installing the PDF services for DEVONthink Pro Office will also deinstall the ones of Personal but you can reinstall them later using Help > Install Add-ons.

No. DEVONthink Pro (Office) won’t modify the personal database/preferences. An already existing personal database will be copied instead.

Thanks! this is very helpful. Since my scans are on a network drive, I guess I would have to import them later and then OCR them, which is fine, but I’m not sure I’m saving much in the way of workflow…

But thanks for all the info!

My questions are unrelated to the above; nonetheless, this looked like a good place to ask them. :wink:

I have DEVONthink Personal v2.x, and I’d like to upgrade to Pro plus bundle it with DEVONagent, which I don’t have.

Is there a bundle price for this? How would I go about buying this? The upgrade page doesn’t seem to cover this situation…


This situation is, unfortunately, not covered by our various upgrade and cross-upgrade options. Sorry.

No problem. DEVONthink Personal will have to suffice, then.
I wanted to replace the excellent free search program I use (IntelliWebSearch, unfortunately only for Windows), but not for $50.
Thanks for the speedy reply! :slight_smile: