Consistent nested tagging across multiple databases

I am looking to achieve consistent nested tagging across multiple databases.

I have a number of databases from various historical sources that contain items which need multiple tags to enable effective searching.

The topics the items cover are broadly similar in each database.

Some databases are imported and others indexed.

In my current database , i.e the one in which I am saving new imported items, I have a nested tag structure that works well.

I would like to make that nested tag structure available to all my databases, both existing and yet to be created.

Saving all incoming items to the Global Inbox, and tagging in that Inbox would ensure that I use tags that already exist rather than creating new similar tags.

I see that I can nest tags within the Global Inbox, and this nesting appears to be preserved if I use the “Rebuild Database” command.

Can I preserve that nested tagging structure so that it is available even if a database is closed, or the source drive for an indexed database is not attached?

Or am I looking at this the wrong way?

What I would like is one nested tagging structure available at all times for use with any database, imported or indexed.

I hope that makes sense.


This should be possible via one text file (or text record in the global inbox) that holds your tag structure as a tab delimited outline. I’ll later try whether that would work.

Then create the nested tags in the Tags group for the Global Inbox.
The tags of the Global Inbox are the only ones that are accessible across all open databases.

Can someone check if this is working on their machine? Thanks.


Further investigation has led me to a way of checking that the tag names are consistent across databases, and a relatively easy way of checking consistent nesting.

I have created a smart group that displays all the tags of all the open databases. It’s not ideal, but it is simple.

Thanks for your help.

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I’m interested in tags accessible across all open databases
I created test tags in the Inbox
Should I be able to assign those tags to notes in a different database?
It doesn’t seem to be working - they’re not available

@cgrunenberg will have to weigh in on this as it doesn’t seem to be working now. He’s on a well-deserved year end holiday. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Autocompletion of tags is limited to the current database. Only the global inbox uses the tags of all databases (as it’s just a temporary location before filing).

Ahh, then it was a misunderstanding on my part.

Apologies to any readers for the incorrect information.