Constant interruptions while syncing?

I am first time syncing a database from Desktop Devonthink to ipad via Bonjour ( cable connected). It is taking quite a long time. It surprises me that it randomly stops after pushing a couple of files.

It syncs a couple of files, often around 50, and then stops-- then starts and then stops like that (which ever mode I chose; automatic or manual or …in the preference).

Is it normal behavior?

Is DEVONthink To Go the frontmost application during this initial import?
If not, it should be.

Yes, I am leaving it open, at the front. I am not doing anything else with the ipad. But, on the mac, there is a lot of “connection to server timed out” message in the log. Shouldn´t the cable give a reliable connection?

Is the iPad the bonjour server in your setting?


Shouldn´t the cable give a reliable connection?

Generally speaking, yes.

Put the iOS device in Airplane mode and see how it behaves.