Contact Page not working

Tried to contact Devontechnologies to let them(you) know that the Share it folk are unable to sell Devonthink products to Canadians because of a lack of VAT number. But the contact page is down. The sales page does not work. And now the Post a New Topic section says I have too few characters in this message!!! Personally, I am beginning to think there are not enough characters doing their jobs right. These problems of pages not working have been going on for nearly a month now in my experience. Am I just having exceptionally bad luck (or good luck) encountering one bug after another? Please advise. Thanks! Olwyn

I successfully used it as recently as a week ago. What have you done to eliminate your browser as the culprit?

The most common causes of such issues are a) a field that is left empty or has an incorrect response or b) incorrect responses automatically entered by the auto fill feature of a browser.

For example, entry of the phone number into the email address field - or vice versa - invalidates the response.

If the issue persists, please send a screenshot of the attempted entry.