Contextual Menus in DTPro

I’ve been wondering why the DTPro contextual menu (right click/control click) doesn’t work in other apps – regardless of whether they have service menus (Safari) or not (Word)? I know that you can use the global script menu if you’re not in DTPro, but that’s where you want the contextual menu, especially because there aren’t as many choices in the global menu as, say the services menu.

There are always contextual menus available in StickyBrain and Note Takerf, for example.

Hope that’s clear. I’m wondering if I failed to install something or whether this is by design, in which case I was wondering why?



Contextual menu plugins make System-wide changes, and thus introduce potential for causing problems. Some of the programs you mentioned have at times caused grief to proper operation of other applications (including DEVONthink).

DEVONtechnologies may offer more contextual menu options in future versions, but quality control will be the priority.

There are, however, a number of options for capturing data from applications running under other applications. In the DEVONagent and DT Pro browsers you will find contextual menu options (not system-wide) that provide great flexibility for data capture.

There are also scripts available for transferring emails into DT Pro from a number of popular mail applications. And the “Save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt” allows one to make a PDF copy of any document to DT Pro (to a desired location) by selecting Print, then clicking on the PDF button and selecting Save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt. Note: If you get an error message the first time this is used, locate the script in your boot volume’s Library directory at /Library/PDF Services/. Double-click on the script to open it under Script Editor, then Save it to the same location. Now it will work.

And have you tried using the floating Groups panel for drag and drop to a selected group from any application? Tip: In DT Pro’ Preferences > General make sure that the option “Hide ‘Groups’ panel when inactive” is NOT checked. Select Tools > Show Groups. Move the Groups panel to the right side of your screen, Now minimize it to the Dock. The Groups panel will be available in any application to allow you to drag and drop data into DT Pro. Just select data, click in the Dock to bring up the floating Groups panel, and drag data to the desired location in your database.

Bill: Thanks so much for this. I completely missed a lot of it while learning DTP and really appreciate your pointing these features out to me. It’ll help make the things I want to do easier. Now, if we could just have more than one browser window open at a time . . .

Thanks again!

Depends on what you mean. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a Bookmarks group with subgroups. If I open the main group and one or two subgroups in different windows (just double-click on a group if you’ve got Preferences set to allow opening in new windows), I can have several browser windows open. Use Exposé to switch among the open windows in DT Pro. Or, I can double-click on a bookmark to open it in a separate window, then go back to the bookmark group and double-click on a second bookmark. Now I’ve got two open browser windows using that technique.

Just perfect again, Bill. If I push the button on my Mighty Mouse right now to activate Expose, I see 4 browser windows: 1 is Safari and three are from DTPro.! That’s just great.

Since I’m on a roll here (or rather you are :smiley: ) now about the only thing missing (other than Palm syncing the current state of which I’ve read about on this forum) is some kind of calendar and, really, really needed (by me), alarms or alerts of some sort . . .


I’ve got my Mighty Mouse configured so that depressing the scroll button shows a view of all open windows for an application, while pressing both sides and holding displays all the open windows in all applications.

No promises at this time on calendar or alarm features.