Continue where you left off on start up

How do I preserve the tabs I have open so that if I close DT and then reopen it the tabs I had open are all still there? I generally have five or six tabs open with different reference works and its super helpful if I could have a setting for these to be preserved should DT shutdown unexpectedly, or if I close for some reason. Any help appreciated as Im fairly new to DT.

Windows and their tabs will be preserved across launches, so if you properly quit DEVONthink, they should be in the same state when you reopen it. (And yes, we suggest explicitly quitting DEVONthink before shutting down or rebooting your machine)

See this blog post

aaah! Thanks so much. So I just tried that and it works. But, does it work with a different set of tabs or do I need to keep creating workspaces?

You’re welcome!

If you have independent sets of tabs, you’d create a workspace for each. For example, if you are browsing a set of sites on needlepoint, you can create a workspace that would preserve those windows and tabs. But if you had another window with tabs about anacondas, you could create a workspace and preserve those windows and tabs.

OK so I just save my layout with those items tabbed for each ‘set’ I’m looking through as a workspace. Great. Thanks for your help again.

My pleasure :slight_smile: