Continuous scanning in ExactScan

Is it possible to scan continuously in ExactScan while using the flatbed (not the Automatic Document Feeder)? That is, can I keep the scanner going without having to click through the Stop/Add dialog after every page? On other scanning utilities I have used, such as AbbyFineReader, you can specify continuous scanning, along with a pause btw pages of up to five seconds.


Wow! Five whole seconds to

  1. lift the lid
  2. remove book
  3. flip age
  4. lay book down
  5. close lid.

I’m tired just thinking about doing that at top speed!

Maybe some enterprising young hardware person will (finally!) develop a foot-operated mouse button so that you could click the button on the floor and it will click the “add” button (a programmable option, of course) so that you don’t have to reach over from your scanner to tap the “enter” key. :smiley:

To a younger one?

You forgot to account for ranges of time during the interrupt-driven manual process that can’t be used for doing other things.

Any real help on this? I’m sure I must just be overlooking the option.


RJM: Sorry for the flip response. My point was that setting to the max of five seconds between scans is such a minimal amount of time to prepare the scanner for the next scan. To me, it just can’t be done.

While I can’t provide any concrete advice, I can give you a general tip: You might contact the maker of the app: and see what advice they might impart. Be sure you provide them with the make and model of your scanner and note the fact that you’re using DevonThink.

@sjk: My “age” is showing when I forget to “p”, don’t you think?

Hmm, maybe Rjm has to do some manual page-flipping anyway?

Hey Tod, time to stop kidding around before it goes further down the toilet?

RJM, sorry, I don’t think ExactScan Capture can be set up to do that.

I gather the rather irreverent responses above were premised on wondering why you would want to put the scanning operation in control of the person, rather than the other way around.

I often do a sequence of pages, but wouldn’t want to scanner to proceed without me if the phone rang or one of my dogs asks to go outside. :slight_smile:


thank you for your tip.

The timed scan feature is also on our to-do-list and we plan to implement this function in one of our next ExactScan Capture updates.

Best regards,

This is what I love about DT (one of the things)! You get the actual programmers of third-party applications responding personally to your forum posts! Why can’t the rest of the world work this way?