Convert 1-page PDF from DTTG to Paginated PDF in DT?

I’m having a bit of trouble converting PDFs to paginated PDFs in DTPO.

I capture a single page page PDF on iOS. (via the BBC News app; share sheet to DTTG, which results in a long single page PDF. The problem repeats with another single-page PDF (attached to this post), but not sure where/how captured). I think it isn’t possible to set prefs to create paginated PDFs in DTTG by default (my preferred mode), and that’s fine.

But DT’s ‘convert’ to ‘PDF (paginated)’ via the right click menu, or via menu ‘Data/Convert’ does nothing, at least with those files. Can this be hit and miss? I guess what I am expecting is a newly created PDF where pages are A4-sized, rather than a long scrollable single document. I’ve included one of the pesky PDF that won’t convert in case there’s something I am missing.

Weird as Hell- Falling in Love With Speculative Poetry - (3.2 MB)

I tend to believe that what you want is technically impossible (but I may be wrong). The page size is inherent to a PDF. In order to convert a single page PDF, which is basically a very long page, the software would have to reinterpret the PDF code and output the result to several new pages. I don’t think that DT can do that (ie interpret PDF).

Eg, a single-page PDF may contain a word that’s to appear at the bottom of the page at the physical beginning of the file. How would a program to about moving that word to the end of the last page in a multipage PDF ?


Ah - ok. So you can only convert to paginated PDF a type of file that’s not already a PDF. I didn’t know that but your explanation makes sense. Perhaps I could capture to web archive instead, and convert to PDF through an automated folder on DT for instance. Or, find a way to create paginated PDFs (which I prefer) directly from the DT2G share sheet.

Thank you!

You’re absolutely right.

You might not want to do that right now on macOS 13.1, or only after some testing. People reported problems with Webarchive conversion on that OS.

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Only the web archive conversion to rich text and to Markdown is affected. And of course the next release will fix this.

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