Convert AND replace

I wish for a way to directly convert AND replace a document to another format.
(I would only find it useful if I could undo it, sometimes the conversion does not deliver expected result).

Converting then deleting the original is sometimes troublesome because the docs list doesn’t happen to be sorted by name.

Maybe a modifier key to the convert menu items?

I am not sorting by Name and the original file remains selected when converting to another format, therefore a quick press of the delete key removes it.

Thx. Notice however that I often like to check the end result of the conversion. Since, as mentioned above, it is not always totally foreseeable what comes out (especially when converting from the web, and I know this has nothing to do w. Devonthink but rather with the diversity of the sources).

To check it I need to find and open the new file, which if the list is not sorted by name, might not end up close enough in the list or might be even not visible without scrolling. Having checked it I might want to delete the old one which I have to look for again.

Thus my demand for a smoother way to do it.

A smart rule could handle this but smart rules are not undoable.