Convert apple mail EML to a PDF

can this be done by a simple click in DTO?

No. You can convert to Rich or Plain Text but not PDF… and I mean this in answer to “by a simple click”. You can, of course, print to PDF but that’s not a simple click.


I use an excellent program out the app store to convert my emails to pdf before they go to DT

Its called Mail Archiver

Thanks so much.


Just curious, what do you see as the advantage of converting email to PDF before importing? DT handles email pretty well, so I’m not seeing the value in such a conversion. Is it simply future-proofing?

The OP has DEVONthink Pro Office, so I cannot speak to why he is looking to convert emails to PDF, however… Users of the non-Office version might want to convert emails to PDF to make the content searchable. Pro Office is the only version of DEVONthink that searches the content of email imported from Apple’s

I wasn’t aware of that limitation. In that case the conversion to PDF would make a lot of sense. Thanks.

a) The email attachments become searchable which does not presently happen in DT.

b) The webserver interface doesn’t display emails

c) Its easy to export pdfs for addition to a bates numbered printed portfolio.

Regards, Frederiko

Thanks for following up Frederiko. It’s made me consider doing the same thing!