Convert Bookmarks and Instapaper RSS Feed to Instapaper Text

I have set up a RSS feed in DEVONthink to import my Read Later folder in Instapaper. One challenge with the Instapaper RSS feed is that articles appear as bookmarks instead of using the DEVONthink feed style sheet. This is a challenge with other readers as well-I get the same results with Reeder, so it’s not unique to DEVONthink.

I’ve created a script (linked below) that will convert the URL of the Instapaper articles to use the Instapaper Text view. This script will also work with any bookmark in DEVONthink that can be viewed with Instapaper Text, even when the bookmark has not been archived with Instapaper.

Note that this script only changes the URL of the bookmark-it does not otherwise save the article. If you do not save the article in the Instapaper RSS feed, then it will be removed from the database according to the preferences set in DEVONthink for RSS feeds. I typically select all the text in the article, right-click, and select ‘Capture Note’ to save the articles that I want to keep. I’ve not found a way to automate the process of running the script as attaching it to the RSS feed does not work. If anyone has any success automating the script, please share what you have found.

Link to the script on CloudApp

Laterstars includes the article text in their RSS feed as of last week. They also link to the original URL, as opposed to making you go through their site like Instapaper now does. You might want to give Laterstars a shot. FYI it’s not just for fav’ing tweets - they have a javascript bookmarklet that works exactly the same as Instapaper’s.

I’d not heard of Laterstars until you mentioned it, so I’ll keep an eye on what they are doing. I add most of my articles to Instapaper from Reeder on the Mac and iPhone and Mr. Reader on the iPad. I don’t use Instapaper that much with Safari as I just capture links directly to DEVONthink.

Yes, please, automating the script! Anybody?