Convert email to PDF - page margins

I sometimes have the need to convert an email to a PDF (and DT3 is much better than DTP for this). One limitation is that if I convert with the Page Set up at 100% scaling, I end up with page margins about 1cm on an A4 page. As I often have to bind PDFs in a printed form, the margins are below an acceptable level.

If I scale to 80 - 85% I have acceptable margins but print size is redcued. If an email was in 10pt type, the PDF is fairly difficult to read.

Is it possible to set page magins to higher levels without reducing the print size?

DEVONthink doesn’t control the margins. This is controlled by the settings in File > Page Setup.

You can define your own custom page sizes with their own margins. For example…

And a PDF with the Borderless setting…

Thanks Jim (don’t you sleep?)

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Jim, returning to this topic. Adjusting the page margins in Page Setup solved the immediate problem. However, I am now faced with a requirement to print a number of emails to PDF (with reduced margins). While I can batch convert using “Convert” function with margins presumably set to hidden default, is there a way to be able to batch convert with reduced margins?

I’m not sure I follow. If you have set margins in File > Page Setup, this applies to converting to PDF, whether it’s one or more files.

These PDFs were made with two different Page Setups…

Perhaps I am not explaining myself properly.

If I convert an email to PDF using Data/Convert/to PDF (or as I usually do, right click to bring up the pop up), regardless of the settings in Page Set up, always end up with a PDF which fills the page, except for what I presume are the default margins.

If I print to PDF using the DT print and page set up to User Defined, then I get a PDF as I want it. However, I am unable to batch process several emails (as far as I can tell) to print to PDF in the reduced page layout.

Examples of your email replay attached by way of example.[DEVONtechnologies Community] [DEVONthink] Convert email to PDF - page margins.pdf (70.9 KB) [DEVONtechnologies Community] [DEVONthink] Convert email to PDF - page margins.pdf (73.9 KB)

No, it’s currently not possible to batch print files in DEVONthink.

And presumably there is no way to adjust the image size of a file converted using the Data/Convert function?