Convert from tag to group

I have two questions re tag and group.

(1) How to convert tag to group? I find that indexed (not imported) files that are classified/ assigned by tags seem to be less stable than assigned by group. Particularly when there are frequent changes in the location of tags within the tag hierarchy or frequent rename of the same tag. The tagged files within my DT sometimes just split into multiple groups of identical tags, or they just appear both under the child and parent tags when I expand the tag view. Therefore, I am considering to change from the tag-based classification to group-based classification (using replicants).

(2) Just want to clarify: tags are sharable with Finder (I can see the same set of tags I assigned to files that I indexed in DT), but groups are attributes specific to within the environment of DT?

Thanks very much.

You can right-click a Tag group and choose Exclude from Tagging or merely drag and drop the Tag group out of the Tags group and into the directory listing.

Tags applied to indexed files and folder will be applied to files in the Finder when updating the indexed contents.

Thanks Jim.

I just spend the whole day searching for reasons for why would my linked files randomly (but not frequently) changed their tags or location of tag or deleted tags are reappearing. I suspect that something has to do with how DT communicate the tagging info to Mac OS 10.13.xx or how often does MacOS update the tag info.

As far as I understand, if I change/rename/delete the tags of the indexed files within DT, the changes should be updated to the external files immediately. However, I discovered that if I change the tag of certain group of indexed files within DT, these changes are not synchronised with Finder. I checked each file that I have made changes in tag in DT versus the tag info of the same file in Finder. Somehow the old tags became sticky for those files in Finder. That’s seems to be the reason why I see old tags just reappear in DT after I ran “update index items”. It seems DT is confused because it has the new tag info but it also read the old/sticky tag info from those files in Finder.

Just FYI. I won’t extend the discussion into a support request in this forum.

Thanks for the help

Are you nesting Tags?
Or using Groups as Tags (yellow group icons in DEVONthink)?

I used nested tags.