“convert hashtags to tags” for tags in markdown metadata

With the option in preferences>import to “convert hashtags to tags” checked, tags that are in metadata of a markdown file seem to be created somewhat erratically. I read in another thread a reference to how tags in markdown metadata may not be created when a markdown file is imported.

However, I would like that to happen, and was wondering how it can be done with scripts and options already available in Devonthink 3.

So for example say this is a file titled “markdown_test_file.md”.

title: my markdown test file
tags: #test_tag1, #tag2, #tag3
Contents of the file.

In this case, some of the tags are picked up and others are not. I could not figure the logic as to what is extracted as tags and what is not. Also, would like to have DT3 pick up these tags.

Thank you.

(And on a side note - what a wonderful software you have created. Very powerful, and all that while leveraging well what the operating system already offers.)

Thank you for the bug report and the nice feedback! This seems to be a bug, we’ll check this.

The next release will fix this.