Convert hashtags to tags on a db level


I want to suggest implementing “convert hashtags to tags” on a data base level.

Motivation: I actually want to use that feature only inside one specific database for notes where I extensively use hashtags (in combination with obsidian). DT<>Obsi is a popular stack nowadays :slight_smile:

My experience of enabling this feature overall in DT resulted in a lot of noice (100s of tags created from html files, podcast feeds, etc). Hence my feature suggestion to have it on a db level.

Workaround I found is to create a smartrule which does it on a specific database:
It works great but I could imagine that having a dedicated “knob” in global setting would save many users (like myself) from manual clean-up after enabling global setting.

No promises but it’s noted.

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I would find very useful a setting which enabled automatic conversion of hashtags to tags per database. I have in one database a small set of markdown files that contain hashtags which I don’t wish to replicate as DT tags. But I have my (notorious and frequently mentioned) diaries database in which I do wish to convert hashtags to tags on import of entries from Day One.

I’m most grateful for the suggested work around—which had never occurred to me and which, of course, works perfectly.