Convert html to pdf but some content are split unexpectedly

When I try to convert a html file to pdf, I noticed that some figures and texts are split.

Anything I can do to avoid this situation?

Longer answer: This behavior can be modified with a print CSS, but only in browsers supporting the full gamut of page break controls.
Short answer: you’ll probably have to live with it.

I have the same problem and it is not from DT itself. I half solved adding lines in image into a custom css, but this is only valid in macOS version and not always works.

Yep, I noticed this. But I have compare some browsers, Chrome, Edge and Safari. The first two can adjust the layout to make it suitable for pdf. But Safari can not. So, I think maybe there are some another general method to solve this problem!

Yes, it works but not for all html files. So I try to find a general method to solve this problem.

As I said before: Not all browsers support page-break attributes. Firefox for example is quite bad with it. Check with to see which browsers support it.

For web scrapping, I use Safari in Reader View, print and send to Devon via a keyboard shortcut or using @ryanjamurphy solution explained here:

Safari reader is not friendly for math equations. But this is the best choice for those who not work on Math!

are this shortcuts for DT or for DTTG? maybe adding them to the shortcut gallery by devontech @eboehnisch might be a possibility so that any user can install them directly in the shortcut app (searching for devonthink), so it would be available for anyone easier…

We are thinking about curating our own collection but only when we have dealt with the first wave of support and big fixes :slightly_smiling_face:


wonderful idea!!!

Looking forward for this feature!

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