convert html to pdf

If I’ve got a bunch of documents of kind HTML in DT, there doesn’t seem to be any easy way to convert them into PDFs. I was expecting to be able to select them all and choose Data → Convert → to Searchable PDF. But that option is disabled. Why?

I found the ‘Capture PDF’ menu item in the browser context menu. But it is quite tedious to have to select each HTML item, move my pointer to the browser window, right click and choose ‘Capture PDF’.

I’m surprised this seemingly simple task is so difficult. All the pieces are there. They just don’t seem to be put together right. Am I missing something?


The procedure invoked by Data > Convert > to searchable PDF results in OCR conversion of images, so isn’t applicable to conversion of HTML or other filetypes.

There are multiple ways to convert HTML to PDF, for example the contextual menu option you found, or ‘printing’ as PDF. A script or Automator action could be used for batch processing.

The script posted in the thread viewtopic.php?f=20&t=6966 is able to convert any selected document to PDFs.