Convert Lightroom keywords to DT tags

Hello all,

I am writing a dissertation, for which I have used Adobe Lightroom to add keywords to several thousand photographs of documents. Now that I have added keywords in Lightroom, I would like to import/index the images into my DTPO dissertation database, and convert their keywords to tags.

Currently if I import the images, the keywords appear as keywords in Document Properties and I would like them to appear as tags instead. Does anyone know how I might do this? Is there a script for this out there?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!


There is a script available for installation in the Support Assistant:

Help > Support Assistant > Install Extras > Scripts > Convert Keywords to Tags.

I just tried this on a set of images exported from Lightroom 4. Works perfectly.

Ahh, wonderful! Sorry for this being a silly question, but I have never used a script in DTPO before and don’t know how. I installed the keywords to tags script. When I select it from the scripts menu, nothing happens. How do I run the script? The images I will test it on have already been imported.

Thank you!

My apologies - it actually worked just fine. It was just so quick and in the background that I hadn’t noticed. D’oh!

Thank you!