Convert multi-page PDF to single-page PDF

I’ve encountered a situation where when I select the single-page option when clipping a multi-page PDF from Safari I still get a multi-page PDF in DevonThink. I’d like to solve the general problem: what is the best way to convert a multi-page PDF to a single-page PDF? Can it be done in DevonThink? I regularly use PDF Expert, but I have found no way to do it in PDF Expert either. (I’d like to preserve the page width if possible.)

If you’re referring to viewing a PDF in a browser, no that can’t be converted to a single page PDF when clipping it. The clipping will preserve the document’s format, page-wise.

Also, this could be a very bad thing, especially if you’re using DEVONthink to Go. You could run into documents you can’t zoom far enough into to read the content.

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