Convert multipage TIFF to PDF yields one page PDF

You can open that multipage tiff with Preview, from where you can print it to PDF to DT; you could even automate those steps.

Right. However, that’ll not work on iOS. And I think it would be preferable to have DT(TG) do these things: It would be only a loop over all pages in the TIFF to generate the corresponding PDF page. Programmatically not a big deal.

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yeah, perhaps I should have read what you wrote further up :see_no_evil:

Programmatically not a big deal.

That would depend on the OCR engine’s capabilities. @aedwards would be a more authoritative contributor on this.

Converting a multi page TIFF to a searchable PDF is on the list of features that we will add to DTTG OCR .

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Is it already part of DT’s OCR, than?

Yes DT’s OCR will convert multi page TIFF’s to a searchable PDF