Convert multipage TIFF to PDF yields one page PDF


Every time I try to convert a multipage TIFF image into a paginated PDF, the resulting PDF always ends up as only one page, that being the first page of the TIFF. Not sure why it won’t convert the whole TIFF image. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Where did you get a multipage TIFF from?

Sometimes I get documents from clients and they are TIFFs that are multiple page (e.g. a letter). They are a huge pain to deal with and I want to covert them to a PDF but only ever get the first page as an end result. The only other thing I can think of is to extract each “page” in the TIFF as an individual TIFF file then convert, but that is extremely unwieldy when dealing with a number of these troublesome files.

Interestingly, if I open a TIFF in Preview and export it as a PDF it will convert the whole document. But, again, doing that one at a time is tedious. I’d love to just highlight them all and use the convert feature in DT3 to do them all in one shot.

Interesting. I haven’t seen multipage TIFFs in years.

I don’t know if they’re supported by the OCR engine.

They are still fairly common in some antiquated but in-use medical records systems. Some US government electronic health records systems in particular still use them.

Fax machines are also alive and well in healthcare in USA.

They used to be prevalent in the printing industry with some high-end systems before PDF took over.

Germany too - faxing is the only place I come across multipage TIFFs (one of the most popular brand of routers in Germany offers an integrated fax function which can’t handle PDF…)

Fritz Boxen, right? Although I’m wondering what “to handle PDF” means in the context of a fax – convert the TIFF to PDF? That’s not much more than changing the extension :wink:
Yeah, I know, it is more, but “handling” it probably just gives you an image in disguise. Not much more useful than a plain TIFF, I think.

I have just tried a multi page tiff and it OCR’d without any problems, do have a sample tiff file that is not working.

Right, fritz - basically when sending a fax via the interface, you can either enter text directly, or attach an image - and attaching PDFs is not an option (whereas multipage TIFFs are). I’ve never tried simply changing the extension though (instead going through acrobat, exporting the PDF as TIFF)

Changing the extension was a joke (apparently a bad one). What I meant: PDF contains operators to encode images as TIFF (and possibly JPEG, though I’m not sure about that). So converting from TIFF to PDF basically means “wrapping the image in a PDF”. No text layer, nothing. In my opinion, a bit pointless.
I thought you were talking about the fax receiver. I never used the “send fax” option from the Fritz’ GUI, too cumbersome. Instead, I tell my physical printer-cum-fax to “print” the thing via its fax (print dialog in macOS). That used to work fine with a Brother printer, not so fine with a Xerox one.
But who needs faxes anyway now – even the local Finanzamt accepts (and reacts to) e-mails nowadays.
PS: I just looked it up in Adobe’s reference. It defines “decoding filters” like CCITTFaxDecode, RunLengthDecode and LZWDecode. The latter one can be used for TIFFs. One basically pastes an ASCII representation of the image into the PDF and uses the approprate filter to “decode” it, i.e. convert it to dots on paper.

take it instead to mean that I had’t yet booted my brain when I wrote back :smiley:

In the medical world In Germany, faxes may be used when medical data needs to be transferred urgently (the sender is required to phone the recipient, inform the recipient of the impending fax, and satisfy themselves that the fax will arrive in a location which is secure, ie where the fax can only be retrieved by the intended recipient); unencrypted e-mail is inadmissible.

And in case you are wondering whether that was a joke…: no :upside_down_face:

In the UK faxes have been dropped for medical uses. There is a secure NHS.Net which is used for all patient information transfers.

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I’m not worried about the OCR as I can do that after the fact. I just want a fast way to convert the entire document. As I said, I can open the TIFF in Preview and export it as a PDF and that works great. It’s just slow.

In my case, these files are from insurance companies. And yes they are a giant pain in the neck for my workflow.

Can you hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket and attach a problematic file? It is fully confidential, of course.

I apologize for reviving this thread. But: at least DTTG does still convert a multi-page tiff to a one page PDF.

And where do I get this multi-page tiff from? The German register of companies ( They provide some documents in this format, and I’d of course love to have them as PDF. Arguing with them is probably pointless, so I decided to raise the topic here again.

Where can you get a multi-page TIFF on that site?

Search for ipcom, select the first entry in Munich (HRB 167303), then the document type DK, then
"Dokumente zum Rechtsträger

  • Dokumente zur Registernummer
    • Gesellschaftsvertrag / Satzung / Statut
      • Gesellschaftsvertrag / Satzung / Statut vom 01.08.2020"

And finally “download”. You get a zip with a single tiff in it, and that tiff has multiple pages.

Unfortunately, I can’t simply quote a link here because they’re only valid for a short time. Talk about German engineering…