Convert plain text in rich text document -- can you help me?

I admit it – I’m anal…

… I use DT to grab a ton of web content and ultimately distill it into content for my web reports.

And after grabbing a dozen or so snippets (along with the URL), my rich text document within DT is an endless mashup of different fonts, sizes, and looks. Actually, what’s most annoying is how some content has overly-huge leading (space between lines).

It drives me crazy!

Instead, I’m looking to have my DT document display as just text with URLs with clickable hyperlinks. That’s why I use rich text documents.

Question: Is there any way to easily select a passage in my DT rich text document and convert it to plain text. Right now, I have to copy the selection, open a new document, paste, select the option to convert it to plain text, copy the selection, remember to close the temporary document, and repaste it into my rich text document.

There’s got to be a faster and easier way…

…Can you point me in the right direction to quickly and easily select a passage and convert it to plain text within my rich text document? If not, is there a script that might offer a similar solution? And yes, I have the latest version of DT.

You might try this:

  1. Copy the selection
  2. Move the cursor to a location having the desired style if necessary
  3. Insert the selection via Edit > Paste with current style (Cmd-Opt-V)

An alternative solution is to…

  1. Select the rich text
  2. Choose one of the scripts in the menu Scripts > Format > …


… One final request – is there a way to modify the script to match the fonts I’ve set to defaul within DT?

Sure. Just open the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro/Format and open the script in Apple’s Script Editor.

Ah… you made my week! Thank you.