Convert RTF to PDF - No margin on the left?

I am trying to dig the RTF format, and so I created RTF templates for letters and fax documents. Now I realized that if I convert the RTF into PDF via “Context Menu > Convert to PDF” the resulting PDF document has no margin on the left side, although I can see - in print preview for the corresponding RTF (format: A4) - that there is indeed a left margin of approx 2 inches.

Anything I can do to have the margin in the resulting PDF document?


If I edit the RTF document in and export to PDF from there, I can see the correct margin on the left side.

Since version 3.5 there are actually two commands available to convert to PDF - which one did you use?

I used “Convert to PDF (Paginated)”.

Margins in Convert to PDF depend on the File > Page Setup. See…

Excellent! That solved it. Thank you very much.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: