Convert selected text to MD list?

I am writing in Markdown and looking for a simple way to convert multiple lines of unformatted text to a MD list. For example, If I have


I’d like to highlight the text, perform a conversion action, and have it turned into

  • dog
  • cat
  • turtle

I think I can do this using Keyboard Maestro or Typinator, but wanted to see if there was an inbuilt way to do it in DT

There isn’t an built-in method but there may be soon.


A script could do it, I suppose. Or you could use another editor of you need this function often.

For anyone who wants to use them, here are two quick actions that will convert selected lines in Markdown to ordered or unordered lists.

Convert to Unordered (7.6 KB)
Convert to Ordered (7.4 KB)

Unzip and double-click to install.

It will be very nice, because I always need to open it in IA Writer, then cmd+L, then get back to DT.
I executed the two workflow that you shared, then I searched them in Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services, but didn’t found them.
Could you please help on this?

Found it, but it’s not working
It will be very nice to add that feature to DT, we use all the time.
It will save a lot of time.

What’s not working - the workflow or your hotkey?

I’m not seeing any issue in Monterey or Big Sur.

Could be related to OS version.
I am still on Mojave (10.14.6)

Hmm… I’ll check my Mojave machine in a little while. I had my Catalina and Monterey machines out this morning. :slight_smile: