Convert to .csv

In another Forum Korm made a suggestion that I would very much like to implement, this is a quote from Korm’s posting that explains what I want to do:

“That interesting garden timeline, for example. A few seconds with the Aeon manual reveals that Aeon can import a .csv file and build a timeline. All the information in that .csv file can be collected from your documents in DEVONthink. A moderately simple script could do that, or you could make a sheet in DEVONthink with that information and that you could open in Aeon to populate the timeline.” (Timeline)

I am not at all proficient in Applescript so would be very much obliged if anyone can help with compiling such a script. I did have a look in Automator but can not find anything there that would do it. Many thanks.

This is posted in the wrong forum. The request relates to DEVONthink, not DEVONagent.

Please see Export to Aeon Timeline for the requested script.

Thanks korm and apologies for wrong forum. :blush: