Convert to Markdown on iOS

Does anyone have a way to convert an already existing Plain Text document with Markdown markup to Markdown on iOS?

The file is already in a database and I would like to convert it to Markdown without having to create a new file with the same title as a markdown document if possible. I am open to purchasing an app to do so.

Thanks in advance!

Are you using plain text as Markdown in DEVONthink on the Mac?

The plain text is formatted for Markdown from a previous application I used which showed plain text files rendered in markdown. Now as I find them through normal day to day usage on the iPad I want to quickly convert them to Markdown.

I think the best option would be to go on the Mac and create a Smart group with all text files within each DB then have a Keyboard Maestro macro run the convert TXT -> MD AppleScript I have in DTPO.

For the future though if a plain text file gets created by accident or oversight if anyone has an easy way to convert a Plain text file to Markdown on iOS I would appreciate it.

Why would you need to run a Keyboard Maestro macro just to run an AppleScript in DTPO?

I have about 750 text files. The AppleScript I have pulls up a dialog box that gives me the option to rename the file to any extension.

With KM I can have it select the file, run the script, append the .md to the file name then move to the next file.

I’ve been using the script by Korm in this post: … =2&t=18930

If you have a script to immediately change the file to Markdown that would be great!