Convert to Markdown - Styling Not Preserved

Using DT 3.0.4 on OSX Catalina (10.15.3) I have noticed a strange discrepancy in the behavior of Markdown conversions between the clipper and the “Data > Convert > Markdown” menu command, and I’m not sure if it’s the expected behavior or not.

When I follow that procedure on either an HTML, Formatted Note, or RTF file, I get an MD file with no styling whatsoever (no bold, italic, or headers). When I use the clipper on a webpage (via Chrome plugin in Brave Browser), however, the saved .md record is very nicely formatted, preserving links, headers, bold, italic, and so forth. Since I’ve noticed the issue, this has repeated with all of the records I have tried it with.

Looking around the forum, the only topics I’ve found on Markdown conversion and styling are from previous versions of DT before it was supported. In the official documentation, under the “Convert” command in the Data menu it says:

Also, due to differences in the formats, any formatting in the source document may not be able to be perfectly preserved in the destination document.

Is this the expected behavior? Do I need to write/find a script for conversions with intact styling, check certain settings, reinstall DT3, or maybe something else? Any help much appreciated.

The conversion of rich text or web documents to Markdown does not support formatting at the moment, this is planned for future releases.

Ah, thanks very much for the clarification. In the meantime, I’ll just put together a script to call Pandoc or the like.

Perhaps it could be useful.

Thanks very much, Bernardo, I’ve not yet tried out keyboard maestro, but I see so many folks mention it on this forum that I think maybe I should give it a shot.