Convert to Markdown

Hello. I would like to convert all of my plain text and RTF notes to markdown. I don’t mind if the formatting is preserved or not, but think Markdown is a better way to go for note taking.

note: The next several messages in this thread are quite confusing because someone else replied with a workaround for the Pro version, then deleted their messages. The point of this thread is a feature request for “Convert to Markdown”.

That is an interesting easter egg :slight_smile: But not really feasible for bulk conversion.

I don’t want to ruin my RTF files, but I think it’s unreasonable to expect DevonThink to implement an RTF to markdown converter that preserves semantics.

Thanks, that actually looks pretty doable. I will try it later. I have also realised that you can use the .md extension too, which is a bit more human friendly.

Hum, I cannot find the Scripts, either in the system-wide scripts menu or one of the DEVONthink menus. Is this a Pro only feature?

I have DEVONthink Personal and I don’t see any S or a script icon in the menu or anywhere else.

I’m pretty sure this is a Pro only feature. If I try to run the script in Script Editor it says:

DEVONthink Personal does not have AppleScript capabilities. It requires Pro or Pro Office.

Okay, then the point of my original post still stands. It would be a nice feature to be able to bulk convert documents from Text and RTF to markdown.

Well, you could always upgrade to Pro or Pro Office. :mrgreen:

(Sorry, couldn’t resist :smiley: )

I have DEVONthink Pro Office, and I think Convert to Markdown should be a builtin like the other Convert options.

I ended up doing Convert to Plain Text, renaming to add .md to the name, then renaming back. It was a PITA.

I’d also like a toolbar icon for New Markdown item so I can add it to my toolbar.


What are you proposing document type you’d be converting to Markdown from?

I was converting from rich text to Markdown.

Sometimes I had significant formatting which needed to be converted via some sort of tool (I found some web-based rich text to Markdown clipboard utilities), but often the content was almost all lines and paragraphs of text, and the only reason it was rich text to start with was that Evernote had no plain text or Markdown support.

Well, I think that Markdown documents deserve the Quicklook function too.

@pegahsheen: That is not a function of DEVONthink. You can Google for a QuickLook plugin to find one.

ehm… thanks. I beg your pardon for my ineptitude in this things :blush:
So I googled for it and I found two solution: a free licensed program at and an Open Source program at, but this seems outdated.
Any other consideration to help me in the choice is well appreciated.

No worries.

I would check out

Great :smiley: