Convert to rich text but font size doesn't use default

Hi. First time using Convert from markdown to rich text. Noticed that notes font size is small compared to default I already set under “rich text & note font” in preference. Shouldn’t DT use the same font size as ones set in preference?

The default rich text font is only used for new documents, converted documents typically depend on the original document. Do you use any stylesheets for your Markdown documents?

Using one of popular stylesheet on this forum. I created a simple 1 line markdown without any heading, a simple “Testing 123” on DT and convert to rich text, same problem.

Which is to be expected. If you’re converting from a format with a defined visual representation (as a MD file with a stylesheet) to an RTF, HTML, Word, Pages or other format that has an (intrisic) visual representation, you’d want them to look as similar as possible.
It might be helpful to actually show the stylesheet you’re using. How could anyone judge if what’s happening is within the bounds of the conversion or not?

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It helps if you learn to read. I’m agreeing with Christian after his explanation, even creating a simple markdown result in what he said would happen.

I read

which seemed to indicate that you were not satisfied with the situation. I apologize, English is not my native language, apparently “problem” can mean something that else than I thought before.

No problem. Peace :slight_smile: