Convert YAML Front Matter tags into DT tags

Keywords: Test #test

yields a keyword of Test #test, not two independent keywords.

Yes, the emboldening appears randomly – or at least the rationale is opaque to me. I hadn’t noticed whether it affected the outcome or no, so that’s useful to know, thanks.

In fact, I’ve just checked and removing the bold doesn’t add the properties. All very strange…

[Edit] Answered this before reading Christian’s post, which solves the problem!

Hi Christian,

Thanks – it does indeed work with no trailing spaces! I’ve been including them following advice (can’t remember where) that it’s less confusing on less capable markdown previewers, but I’m happy to drop them if it’s breaking DT3 features.

Many thanks again!

Thank you so much!!! It works. There were two things I didn’t know.

  1. Convert hashtags to tags under tools. That pulled in the YAML tags.
  2. The YAML tags have to be seperated by commas. Not by spaces. Otherwise DT reads them as one word. E.g “tags: yellow moon” is read as one tag …not two tags.

Is there a way in the “Global setup” of DT to automate the conversion of hashtags to tags? Or do I have to do it one by one? I don’t mind doing it one by one, but it would be great to be able to do it in bulk. Thanks.

Like the first entry besides “Tags:” here?

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Also note this (from page 16 of the user guide (also available through the in-app Help)):

Hashtags do not support spaces in them and they should be listed on a separate line.


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Yes. That’s it! Thank you very much!

hello Christian + DT-team,

I have the issue that DT doesn´t pick up on the list of tags rendered by Omnivore for the YAML-header.

it does look like:

- one
- two
- three

the OV people regard this as complying to YAML standard.
– is there anything that can be done about it, so DT picks up on those tags?

thx for any help!

Neither the MultiMarkdown engine nor DEVONthink accept this.

just to document, for anyone running into similar problems coming from Obsidian, as to handing over YAML in ways Devon Thinks stricter code adherence culture does not process: there is a perfect, very versatile & flexible plugin to auto- and bulk-reformat YAML-syntax in all kinds of ways.

just check here, and be merry:

Hi @Stephen_C & @BLUEFROG

I follow the steps and can create all the metadata (Keywords, Author, title…) with YAML header,
Except one crucial for me : the tag.

  • I check the goup of my MD Note, it allows to create Tag
  • I have other tags in DVTK that I generated via the Tag / Balises bar : it’s works…
    What is the possible blocking element?

PS : Il will transfer all my Evernote note with Tags in YAML metadata (via Yarle) and would like to keep it in DVTK.
Thanks à lot.


What do the tags look like in the YAML file?

Thx for you quick reply @chrillek !

tags: ça_marche, Test
title: “@ YAML_Tags issues Creation”

I follow exactly the YAML rules…what is strange it working well in the beginning and when I reorganise my group it’s falling!

Your tags work for me in DEVONthink Pro. Is that YAML section the very first thing in the markdown file? Have you checked that the tags don’t appear when you go to rendered (from edit) mode?


Yes @Stephen_C it’s works not visible in edit mode.
I also use Obsidian and you can proprely write your YAML syntax with Linter @lerone mention it previously…

Zip and post the actual document, please.

This is the document @BLUEFROG
@ YAML_Tags issues (1.2 KB)

You need to enable Preferences > Files > Import > Tags: Convert hashtags to tags

PS: It is inadvisable to put punctuation other than spaces, hyphens, underscores, and dots in filenames. Just something to consider.

It’s Works thanks!
,the @ character block the tag creation…
Strange because it seems working with it in your latop…
But no matter I will rename my titles …

Thanks for your help all of us…

You’re welcome.
You can use @ in tags, metadata, and group names but we don’t suggest it for file or database names.

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