Convert YAML Front Matter tags into DT tags

This could work like Tags > Convert Hashtags to Tags does now, except it would parse the front matter syntax which is

tag: ["tagname"] or tag: [tagname]

either seem to work in Obsidian

Use case: I use Obsidian alongside DEVONthink and this would allow me to tag using YAML Front Matter in Obsidian and easily turn them into usable tags in DEVONthink which is where I do my processing and searching for obvious reasons :wink:

I’m working around this by tagging outside of the front matter section, but I’d prefer to keep the tags hidden with the rest of the document meta inside the front matter.

PS: Obsidian is doing their own thing with Markdown. We try to follow standards and conventions when possible, even if the standard isn’t defined by anything more than the understanding and use of the majority.

I’m with you on standards. I totally agree. I believe I used that format based on this article and some template recommendations, but honestly I would use whatever is the more common approach.

Using tags in front matter in Obsidian and being able to easily capture them, preferably by a smart rule, as real tags in DEVONthink is my dream situation.

I don’t know if that’s possible directly with a rule.

It certainly is with a script which could be run from a smart rule: grab the love (edit: read “line”) beginning with "tags: ", isolate the tags themselves and add them to the tags property of the record.

This is so romantic! :wink: “Line” is just plain boring! (Sorry!)



HAhahaha! :heart:

I’ve slightly amended the post to make it clearer. Swipe to type is full of surprises…


So, to answer @Andrew_Glaser’s question: yes, it is possible, but not without some work involved.