Converting bookmarks to web archives crashes app, and converting to md produces blank docs

As said in title, converting a bookmark to web archive instantly crashes the app (DTTG 3.03), only producing a copy of the bookmark. Converting to markdown doesn’t crash but only produces a blank md file.

I tried the following links:

Thanks for the report!
Does this persist after rebooting the device?

I am not seeing an issue in the internal build.

It persists after reboot on iPad.

Edit: Okay the web archive conversion issue seems to be only happening on iPadOS 14.5 beta 2. But the blank markdown is also relevant on 14.4, and deleting the blank md often causes crashes.

What’s the URL of the bookmark?

I’m getting similar behaviour when saving any web archive - DTTG crashes, and then after reopening the entry is a bookmark. This happens for any webpage from safari (or other apps). DTTG 3.0.4, IOS 14.4.1. I tried deleting DTTG from my iphone and then re-installing but problem persists.

If DTTG fails to create a web archive it will create a bookmark. Could you press the ? button and select send feedback and I will check the log files to see if there is any info that can help us track down the cause. Mark it for the attention of Alan. Thanks

Logs submitted as requested. Interestingly enough I just tried DEVONtechnologies | How to Take Notes in DEVONthink and it worked OK - this was the first page that I got to work. Submitted logs include a page that failed. Thanks.

Thanks I will take a look now