Converting html to formatted in DTTG

Imported HTML files from apps like Bear and Notebooksapp are not editable in DTTG. The only conversion options are to convert to .md or plain text (losing the images). The option to convert to formatted DOES exist in DTTG for .md and plain text files.

On the Mac, the option to convert these html files to formatted exists.

Formatted seems like a good middle ground for notes that have lots of images. I’m trying to avoid RTFD and full word processors like Pages, so I can edit in DT.

Any way to convert to formatted in DTTG? An iOS shortcut to do the trick would be fine too.

Share, print, pinch over (expand with two fingers), then one more share and send to DTTG as PDF.

(If DTTG does not appears in Share Sheet, like me testing this, save in Files (*) and then share one more time. This is not a DTTG bug but a serious issue with Files, extensions to files and share sheet from iOS 14 that hasn’t been solved since 14.0 and usually requires iOS/iPadOS restart).

(*) Or any other better Files “Replacement” like FileBrowser or Dropbox because saving to Files does not warrant that your file will be saved even in iCloud Drive itself. I’m going nuts with this kind of not resolved bugs from Apple, and we are near to a new batch of bugs with iOS 15, that surely will left old ones unresolved. I really really really would have direct contact with Apple internals to kick some asses.

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