Converting RSS Feed Articles to Clutter-Free PDFs like iOS Share to DevonThink

Hi everyone,

Thank you in advance for your help with the following problem / question.

I’m exploring ways to streamline the formatting of RSS feed articles. Presently, I’m intrigued by the consistency and readability of articles shared via the “Clutter-free PDF” option on iOS when importing to DTTG.

I’m seeking a method or smart rule to replicate this uniform formatting, particularly the font size, for articles fetched from RSS feeds.

Is it feasible to establish a process or smart rule that ensures RSS feed articles inherit the same formatting (especially font size) as observed when sharing articles to DevonThink using the clutter-free PDF feature on iOS?

What kind of file format use your RSS feeds actually? If it’s HTML, then your own CSS and choosing it in Preferences > RSS should be sufficient.

Thank you, @cgrunenberg, for the prompt response!

The RSS feeds primarily contain HTML content (Blogs, Newspapers, etc.).

To elaborate on my my specific use case, the process should look like:

  1. Receiving RSS items.
  2. Converting them into clutter-free PDFs with an identical or similar formatting to the output from the iOS clipper.
  3. Having them as nicely formatted PDFs available in my DT Reading List.

Am I correct in assuming that modifying the HTML CSS will carry over to subsequent PDF conversions?
If so, could you kindly share the formatting options (e.g., font-size, line-height) used by the iOS clipper? This would help me replicate the same styling for the RSS CSS.

Thank you!

I’m not sure if this is what you’re actually looking for but… (1023 Bytes)


A screenshot of Preferences > RSS would be useful, e.g. changing the default format to PDF and enabling the clutter-free option might be sufficient.

Thank you, @BLUEFROG and @cgrunenberg!

Unfortunately, I’m still not getting the same formatting as on iOS.

@BLUEFROG: I guess the custom CSS only applies to the preview of the RSS items when the feed format is set to automatic, correct?

@cgrunenberg: Please see below. I have tried your suggested settings before. But as you can see from the screenshots below the results are still rather different between this and the DTTG article. Specifically, the font size / width from the RSS article is smaller / much wider when compared to the DTTG article.

Settings as suggested

RSS article from the above settings

Article from the same newspaper but clipped with DTTG

Three main difference seems to be the width here. Or are you seeing other issues? And the screenshots seem to show different articles. Or don’t they?

Thanks @chrillek! No other issues! Is there are way to change the width for PDFs when converting a RSS item?

(Yes, these are different articles but from the same newspaper).

Why not play around with the CSS, eg setting a width on the body element? Preferably in a print media query.

@chrillek: Does the CSS style then serve as the formatting base for any pdf conversion? From my very limited understanding, the CCS seems to only affect the RSS item’s preview when the Feed Format setting is on automatic.

Define “any”. I’d assume that the CSS set in DT’s preferences for RSS only affects RSS and their possible conversion to PDF. There’s a different setting for Markdown.

Thanks @chrillek!

I have solved my issue by changing the default PDF Clipping Width to 300. This thread has helped me.

Thank you again @cgrunenberg, @BLUEFROG , @chrillek for your help & for this fantastic piece of software!


You 're welcome :slight_smile: