Converting .rtf files to markdown including markdown links?

When I try to convert .rtf files in Devon 3, I seem to lose the links that are embedded within my .rtf files. Is there a way I can convert the files yet retain the links in markdown format MyRTFLink

BTW… I am on Catalina.

Thanks in advance

It’s possible with Script: Convert RTF to MultiMarkdown.

The script needs Pandoc and RegexAndStuffLib installed (put the “RegexAndStuffLib” script in /Users/Username/Library/Script Libraries/).

Please read the whole thread.

Many Thanks Pete for your reply. It seems like on Catalina (at least on my system) the ~/Library/Script Libraries/ is no longer present. Instead I tried placing the RegexAndStuffLib.scrpt file under ~Library/Scripts/ folder but the script fails with a Syntax Error: "Can’t get script “RegexAndStuffLib” Sorry, I noob to AppleScript and Script Editor.

I’m still running Mojave so I don’t know what changed in Catalina. Maybe this can help Catalina, Security and Script Libraries | Late Night Software

That was easy. It worked after I created the folder manually and placed the RegexAndStuffLib script within it. Many thanks.


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