Converting to different format, URL missing


Don’t know if this was mentioned before, but it seems like a bug to me.

  1. Clip website in Safari or Firefox, capture to webarchive
  2. Open DTTG (ipadOS v15.1, app v3.2.4) and open article / archive
  3. Info panel shows URL (source)

Now let’s convert this file:
4. Click triple dots or long press item in list
5. Convert to Formatted note

Sometimes the conversion crashes the app. Mostly on cluttered archives, example: Negentien aanhoudingen bij rellen in Den Haag, twaalf in Roermond | NU - Het laatste nieuws het eerst op

But, when conversion completes (only) the URL portion of the metadata is missing.

Is the latter normal behavior? I would expect all document info is preserved in the proces.

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Crashes should be reported to our supoort ticket system.
In DEVONthink To Go, select ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!

Okay, will do.
And, what about the missing url after converting?


I couldn’t reproduce the issue.

Strange, just tested it on my iPhone. Different device, same problem.
The Web Archive does contain the URL, the resulting Formatted Note doesn’t.

Please find screenshots attached.


That’s not the link you previously posted.
What’s this link?

Just another Web Archive, picked at random from my inbox.

Just another website, to make sure that it’s not some script from the clipped page that impacts the conversion process.

The problem occurs on my iPad and my iPhone… with the conversion of web-based formats (html page, web archive) to more static content types (formatted note, rich text).

Tested it one more time on both iPhone and iPad, same problem.
URL is missing and Comments get cropped / truncated.
Again with a completely different Web Archive.

On my Macbook the conversion of the same Web Archive works fine.
URL (and other data) is transferred to the Formatted Note.
With the note converted on iOS the URL does not show up (so it’s not a read-problem).

Then one more thing (on iOS / ipadOS) the Tags also seemed to be lost. But, that’s not the case.
Sometimes they’re simply not shown (leaving blank space, enough to fit all added tags).
After closing and reopening the same note, the Tags did show up.
This behavior has to do with the rendering / positioning (effect) of the Tags.
Something similar occurs when adding multiple tags on iOS, and the Comments have to move down.
In that case the text field of the comments renders not well, and the text temporarily gets truncated.
Again, this is visually. No data is lost.

Hope this input helps solving the problem. As it occurs on two different devices, I don’t think it’s the installation.