Converting Webarchive to PDF format, Webarchive editable, adding to DTTG with PDF format

I like the Dark Mode the most in this DTTG upgrade. We look forward to supporting Mac version soon.
Thank you.

Subsequently, as I write DTTG, I ask for additional support.

  1. unlike to mac version, Converting Webarchive to PDF format is not available now right?

  2. unlike to mac version, adding to DTTG with PDF format (+cultter-free)

  3. unlike to mac version, webarchive format can’t be editable(highlighting, etc…)

Yep. Confirmed. DEVONthink ToGo is unlike DEVONthink (desktop) in many ways.


Just as an aside: Webarchive has been discontinued by Apple. Given that it has neven had much (if any?) support anywhere else, it might not be the best choice for long-time archiving.