Cookies (ostensibly) being lost/flushed in DT3 despite setting to keep

I have set up quite a nice workflow with Keyboard Maestro and DT3 that will search Westlaw UK ( for legal texts and then import the PDFs into DT3 with some scraping and storing metadata.

The problem is that this uses DT3’s browser functions, and regularly gets gummed up by Westlaw presenting a log in page. I always choose the “remember me” function when logging in – which keeps me logged in permanently in Safari – but it doesn’t work in DT3. I have asked Westlaw, who say “remember me” just needs cookies enabled. I have turned on accept cookies always, and turned off delete cookies on quit, in DT3, but this cookie still doesn’t seem to be working.

Is there a way of troubleshooting this?

Have you logged into the site in DEVONthink?

Yes, every time I run the workflow and it doesn’t complete because I’m not logged in in DT3 I then I log in in DT3, and click the “remember me” button, and get an email from Westlaw telling me that I have set a browser to remember me.

A screenshot of Preferences > Web might be useful. But this might also depend on the site as cookies can expire.

Thanks – attached. I am pretty sure it’s not the site cookie expiring as I seem to stay logged in indefinitely in other browsers.

Sorry to revive an old thread but I seem to have this problem as well.

Pretty new to DEVONthink and finding my feet but I am trying to save some shortcuts to ClickUp and open them from the DEVONthink Favourites menu. It presents the login screen, so I login. If I click on another document or folder in DEVONthink and then go back to the ClickUp shortcut, it asks me to login again. This goes on and on.

My settings are to allow cookies.

I am logged into ClickUp in Safari and Chrome, and both of those browsers remember that I am logged in, so their cookies seem to be working.

Any suggestions?

This remains an ongoing (and frustrating) problem for me too.

I have been having an email exchange with Jim on this topic. (Thanks Jim!)

What I have discovered in testing is that this may not be a DEVONthink issue, but may be an issue with the specific websites in question and how they produce and set cookies. Some of my website logins are “remembered” but some are not. Jim quite rightly points out that this same issue occurs with some websites in the browser - logins are not always remembered due to website settings. A complex area that I am not an expert on.

I can’t solve this but I have found an acceptable work-around for me.

The partial solution lies in using multiple DEVONthink Tabs or Windows, and making sure that one of those DEVONthink Tabs or Windows stays on your website of choice.

To demonstrate:

  • If I open a second DEVONthink tab or window and navigate to my website (ClickUp in my case) login, and then go back to my first DEVONthink tab or window, I can freely navigate to any document, bookmarks etc in that.
  • If I go back to ClickUp in the second tab or window it will stay logged in.

I have tested it that if I navigate away from ClickUp in both tabs or windows at the same time, my login will be forgotten, and I will have to log in again.

Similarly, if you shut down DEVONthink, then your login will be forgotten as well.

So, if you shut down your computer everyday, expect to have to login to your website(s) when you first open DEVONthink.

I tend to keep my computer running for a few days between shutdowns, so as long as I don’t close DEVONthink and keep one of the DEVONthink windows on my desired web pages, it’s fine.

In practice I am finding that having a second DEVONthink window open is better than just using tabs in a single window, as I tend to accidentally close tabs.

Not a perfect solution but it will suffice.

Hope that helps others.


You’re welcome!
And you could…

  1. Set up a workspace to open the ClickUp site in a window.
  2. Minimize the logged in window to the dock to keep it out of your way.