Cool display commands in DEVONthink

In DEVONthink 3’s Applescript Dictionary I just discovered the commands

show progress indicator


log message

They are really cool to integrate long running scripts seamlessly with DEVONthink. So much nicer than lots of display dialog giving up after:slight_smile: :smiley:

One little question though: What does the steps parameter do? I tried 1,2,3 and -1, but didn’t notice a difference.

It’s used to define steps in a process, if known.

tell application id "DNtp"
	show progress indicator "Working" steps 5 with cancel button
	repeat with a from 1 to 5
		step progress indicator "Step " & (a as string)
		delay 1
	end repeat
	hide progress indicator
end tell

This is now shown in the Activity window or pane. @cgrunenberg would have to confirm if that’s expected or not.