'Copy as Playmark' - Annotating Video on DTTG

While scrounging around trying to figure out how to annotate QuickTimes on DTTG in a similar manner to DTPO I saw a command ‘copy as playmark’. I’m not a markdown/html person per se but I could see what this was doing when I pasted it into a document. However doing a web search for ‘playmark’ leads to no information at all.

In my scrounging I’ve discovered that adding backlinks to an annotation file on DTPO will work on DTTG (ie, the backlinks work, not creating them on DTTG). And the ‘playmark’ on DTTG also created a ‘backlink’ to the correct time position on the movie which then worked on DTPO. However the formatting of the playmark is different to the backlinks, there’s no mention in RTF of the time position, only in markdown.

I feel like I’m so close to being able to annotate videos on either platform but it’s just messy. I could probably go into a markdown page and just make the playlinks look like the backlinks, but I don’t have any room left in my brain to deal with markdown, I just prefer to link in an RTF, write a comment, and keep moving.

Is this possible?? (And of course, as per the mantra of this board, “MacOS≠iOS” :slight_smile: )

Screen Shot 2023-07-09 at 2.26.47 pm

is this not the correct place to ask about this???

It’s under investigation.

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I know you guys are always busy. What does ‘it’s under investigation’ mean? There’s no discussion of ‘playmark’ in the help, or indeed on the web AFAIK. Am I overlooking something?

It means it’s in development’s hands. That doesn’t imply any particular timeframe however. There are many things we are at work on.

Do you think someone might take the time to explain what a ‘playmark’ is? Or direct me to somewhere that I can read about it?

It’s just a term for a link to a timestamp in media, e.g., 38 seconds into an audio file.