"Copy file to USB flash drive" - Shortcut/Command

Hello there,

switching from windows, I’m missing the “Send to USB-Drive”-option in the context menue. I often need to copy single files to an USB flash drive and it would be nice if it worked something like this way: select the file and then press a keyboard shortcut or use one (or two) mouse-clicks. It’s always the same drive…
For now, I’m opening the finder and drag-n-drop the file from Devonthink to the finder. I suspect, there is a more elegant way…

Thanks for your advice!

  • File > Export > Files and Folders allows you to export the current selection to the Finder.

  • You could also add an alias to the drive in your Dock and drag and drop to it.

  • You could also use this little bit of AppleScript…

tell application id "DNtp"
	repeat with thisRecord in (selection as list)
		export record thisRecord to "/Volumes/disk"
        -- Obviously needing the name of your mounted disk
	end repeat
end tell